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Morning Conversations - Dr. Thredson fic

Character: Dr. Oliver Thredson
Genre: Gen
Author: doctor_thredson aka sylar
Fandom: American Horror Story Asylum
Word count: 680
Rating: PG 13
Note: No spoilers really. This is before Thredson gets to Briarcliff. I present a theory about Thredson though. First attempt at the good doctor's voice.

Sunlight made the dew drops on the rose bushes near my front door glitter. I took a deep breath of the morning air, stretching and arching my back, before picking up my newspaper and the bottle of milk that were resting next to the welcome matt. My neighbor, Mrs. Hutchings, waved at me from her front porch. She was wearing a bright green dressing gown with curlers in her honey blond hair. I waved back with a big smile. Mrs. Hutchings was always nice to me. I was after all the eligible bachelor on the block, and she had been a widow for a couple of years. You could tell because her lawn needed trimming. If she had a husband, her yard would look better. Too bad her son wasn’t old enough to pick up the slack.


Thank you for reading. Comments are always appreciated. Sorry about the Captcha. Too much SPAM on LJ.
Tags: american horror story asylum, dr. oliver thredson

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