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The Test Was a Test - Mirror Universe Fic

Tittle: The Test Was a Test
Author: sylar aka iam_spock
Rating: G
Character: Spock
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot - Mirror Verse
Word count: 1000+
Notes: How they do the Kobayashi Maru in the Mirror verse.

The lights were dimmed in the control room. Back lit switches, panels and computer monitors offering the only light. Spock had his hands folded behind his back. It helped to keep him from tugging at the high collar of his black instructor’s uniform, and it also helped to avoid physical contact with any one who might get too close. Spock disliked touching people. It made it too easy to peer into their minds, and that was something he preferred not to engage in unless necessary. The minds of humans were filled with violence, lust and a pervasive level of paranoia. The idea of melding with one disgusted him. He might be half human, but he could never understand how his father could stand linking with his mother. And Spock loved his mother.

the rest of the story
Tags: spock, star trek
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