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Fanfic - Errands of Duty - Spock and Sarek

Character: Spock and Sarek
Author: iam_spock aka sylar
Genre: Gen
Word count: 1094
Rating: G
Notes: This happens after Nero’s death and before Enterprise returns to Earth. Spock has not met Spock Prime yet. He doesn’t know he exists.

Without warp capability it will take Enterprise five weeks to return to Earth. Before then Starfleet will send other ships to take the Vulcan refugees and our injured ahead of us while we wait to be towed home. The damage from the gravitational pull on Enterprise will make the stress of tractor beams an issue, but I am certain that we will be able to make them work. I am working on the schematics and calculations at my station on the bridge—how many ships will be needed and where they can focus their beams without causing additional damage. But that is not all that I am considering. My talk with my father was weighing heavily on my mind.

The rest of the story...
Tags: spock, star trek
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