Spock (iam_spock) wrote in fanficbylee,

Stormy Weather - Spock, Kirk, McCoy and Saavik

Character: Spock, Kirk, McCoy and Saavik
Author: iam_spock aka sylar
Genre: Gen
Word count: 1127
Rating: G

A strong gust blew sand and grit into Spock’s face. The Vulcan turned his back to the storm, tugging the thick gray scarf he had looped around his neck up over his nose and mouth. His eyes had their own protection thanks to his Vulcan genetics, but he did not enjoy the feel of dirt in his mouth or up his nose.

“That way?” Jim shouted over the storm.

“Are you sure, Spock?” McCoy as always questioned. Spock used to think he was doubting him, but he’d learned that he was seeking reassurance and doubted their technology.

“The life readings are from there.” He pointed at the ruined buildings nestled between a group of large rock formations. His tricorder chirped as if to agree with Spock’s pronouncement. “They are Vulcan.” The readings concerned Spock a great deal. The planet was supposedly abandoned by his people and the Romulans who had taken control of it. There was nothing of value here, but when Enterprise detected life—Vulcan life—they had to investigate.

The rest of the story....
Tags: spock, star trek
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