November 10th, 2006

Kenshin - animated sword

Snippet of Eighty-Sixed

This is a scene between Jace and Denver late at night after she's had a really bad day. They've been drinking beer and shooting the shit.


“Think I’m goin’ to write a book. This history book’s borin’ as watchin’ paint dry. They need people who actually lived through the history to start writin’ them.”

Jace grinned and settled back down onto the sofa. “That might be a good read. I like the stories you’ve told me about your life, but I don’t think you’d make it into a text book.”

“Oh I wouldn’t want to,” he said as he headed to the kitchen to get them a pair of fresh beers. “I want people to want to read it, not be forced ‘cause of some class.”

“I need to bring that book to Rose. I think she left it here on purpose, so she had an excuse to come back.”

“She doesn’t need an excuse does she?”

“No,” Jace said as she glanced towards the narrow window besides the front door where she could almost see the coming dawn. “I wish she could be here all the time, you know that. I’m meeting with her guidance counselor tonight and her father to talk about things.”

“Sounds like fun,” Denver said as he finished his beer and gathered the empties. She’d done a good job training him to clean up after himself in her house. “Though y’all should know that she stashed clothes here too when she was here. I found ‘em in the linen closet.”

“Why were you in the linen closet, and how do you know they were Rose’s clothes?” Jace arched her eyebrows at him as she followed him into the kitchen and grabbed a Baggie out of the refrigerator.

“I was puttin’ away a change of clothes for myself. Don’t need to be borrowin’ anymore of your ex’s clothes when I crash here. His pants are too short anyway.”

“How did you know they weren’t my clothes?”

“Because darlin’, while the jeans may have had long enough legs, the bra was much too small.”

“I am not entirely comfortable with the idea of you touching my daughter’s bra, Denver.”

“Neither am I, Jacey. Neither am I.”

I was up until 3am last night, because I didn't like how I'd writen the scene to begin with. My stupid brain would not wait until morning for the revision. Hope you enjoy it. I'm 27K out of 50 for NaNoWriMo, and making a good dent in the 80K I need for the first draft of Eighty-Sixed.