July 2nd, 2008


Two Wrongs Make a Left - Sickness - 3/7 for 7_crossovers

Title: Two Wrongs Make Left
Author/Artist: firsts_chosen_1
Claim: Caleb (BtVS) and Dean (Supernatural)
Theme: Sickness
Theme Set: #3 Angst
Table and Chapters
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Gore and violence - there will be a lot of it.
Disclaimer: Belongs to Joss and Erik. But I do appreciate being able to play with their boys now and then.
Notes: Set after SPN season 3, obviously after the end of Buffy. Dean is a demon, and he's owned by Lilith.
Other Prompts: Vast #65 for 74/100 joss100


Age and Treachery - Dean Winchester and Denver Sinclair

I wrote this fic last Christmas for salamet, and due to some senior moment did not post it here to the fic comm. So here it is now. It's her birthday today, and she's asked for a follow-up. Hopefully I'll remember to share that one with y'all.

Characters: The Winchester Brothers, Denver Sinclair (my original character)
Prompt: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kick the shit out of you!
Wordcount: 888
Fic For: salamet

Age and Treachery will overcome youth and skill….
Collapse )