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Fanfic: They Are Going to Eat Us! Part 5 - Spock and McCoy

Character: Spock and McCoy
Genre: Gen
Author: iam_spock aka sylar
Fandom: Star Trek
Word count: 1078
Rating: G
Notes: No notes. No warnings. Just a little snarkfest between Spock and McCoy on an away mission. One year later, I finally get off my ass to continue this fic.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Part Five

Our wagon ride to the capital was a bone jarring, tongue biting affair according to Dr. McCoy. At each bump in the road, he would inform us of how much damage was being done to the lumbar region of his spine. I, for some strange reason, found his complaints comforting. If he stopped, I would worry that he was sick or genuinely angry with me. The silent treatment was his deadliest of weapons, and fortunately I had never endured it myself. But I had seen him apply it to the Captain. Jim found it most distressful.

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Ficlet - Shackles - Sylar and Future Peter

Character: Sylar and Future Peter
Genre: gen (for a change)
Author: sylar
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 242
Rating: PG 13
Prompt: Shackles
Note: for fixthepast who wants this to be canon for our boys.

Pain! I grabbed my throat as the sharp spikes dug into my flesh. The taste of blood filled the back of my throat, and I dropped to the floor in a heap while my regen fought with the blood loss and tissue damage to keep me alive. I clawed at the collar, trying to break the technological terror that kept me shackled to the little shit who was laughing at me—Peter Fucking Petrelli.

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Twins - Anime
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First Kiss and Last - Sylar/Gabriel

Character: Sylar and Gabriel
Genre: slash
Author: sylar
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 541
Rating: PG 13
Prompt: Kiss on the neck and Goodbye
Note: Two Ficlets for graylikeme

First Kiss:
I heard the clatter of bowls and humming coming from the kitchen when I came in. Gabe was standing at the counter with flour on his cheek and his glasses slipping down his nose while he read a recipe. He was adorable. My stomach filled with butterflies at the sight of him with his perfect hair out of place and the smudge on his face. He was always so damned neat. Apparently we weren’t capable of letting our hair down until we’d felt someone’s blood and brains on our hands.

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He Started It
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Ficlet - Zombie Apocalypse - Sylar and Mohinder

Character: Sylar and Mohinder
Genre: Gen
Author: sylar
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 337
Rating: PG 13
Prompt: Zombie Apocalypse
Note: for mohindersuresh

I ran through the building, panting, cut, bleeding and angry. My legs were sore, and I wanted nothing more to find a clean, dry, warm place to sleep. But there wasn’t much chance of that—not anymore. There were no safe places, but hopefully there was a way to turn that around.

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nuSpock Mirror

The Test Was a Test - Mirror Universe Fic

Tittle: The Test Was a Test
Author: sylar aka iam_spock
Rating: G
Character: Spock
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot - Mirror Verse
Word count: 1000+
Notes: How they do the Kobayashi Maru in the Mirror verse.

The lights were dimmed in the control room. Back lit switches, panels and computer monitors offering the only light. Spock had his hands folded behind his back. It helped to keep him from tugging at the high collar of his black instructor’s uniform, and it also helped to avoid physical contact with any one who might get too close. Spock disliked touching people. It made it too easy to peer into their minds, and that was something he preferred not to engage in unless necessary. The minds of humans were filled with violence, lust and a pervasive level of paranoia. The idea of melding with one disgusted him. He might be half human, but he could never understand how his father could stand linking with his mother. And Spock loved his mother.

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In My Dreams - Will Graham ficlet

Character: Will Graham
Genre: Gen
Author: brokengraham
Fandom: Hannibal
Word count: Too small to matter
Rating: R
Note: Will has moved into my head. You guys know me and my fascination for fucked up characters. I couldn't resist.

In My Dreams...

She is typing on her laptop. Her curls are wet from the shower, and she is wearing only a bleached white towel from the hotel bathroom. The TV is running. Anderson Cooper is talking about a string of murders. I recognize them. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m working on the case, or because I’m the killer. Images that shouldn’t be on television fill the screen.

She glances up at the TV. Her fingers still tapping away, and as I come up behind her, she doesn’t notice me. All I can hear is the dripping of the shower, the tapping of the keys, Anderson Cooper’s voice and my breathing as I twist the fingers of my left hand into her wet hair. It’s slippery, but the curls make it easy to twist. She tries to scream, but I don’t let her. My knife cuts deep. It cuts fast. Blood sprays over the computer monitor.

I wake up drenched in sweat. My hands are shaking, and I can taste blood in my mouth from biting my lip.

Morning Conversations - Dr. Thredson fic

Character: Dr. Oliver Thredson
Genre: Gen
Author: doctor_thredson aka sylar
Fandom: American Horror Story Asylum
Word count: 680
Rating: PG 13
Note: No spoilers really. This is before Thredson gets to Briarcliff. I present a theory about Thredson though. First attempt at the good doctor's voice.

Sunlight made the dew drops on the rose bushes near my front door glitter. I took a deep breath of the morning air, stretching and arching my back, before picking up my newspaper and the bottle of milk that were resting next to the welcome matt. My neighbor, Mrs. Hutchings, waved at me from her front porch. She was wearing a bright green dressing gown with curlers in her honey blond hair. I waved back with a big smile. Mrs. Hutchings was always nice to me. I was after all the eligible bachelor on the block, and she had been a widow for a couple of years. You could tell because her lawn needed trimming. If she had a husband, her yard would look better. Too bad her son wasn’t old enough to pick up the slack.


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Spock Nu and TOS

Darkness Before the Dawn - K/S - 1/3

Character: Spock/Kirk
Genre: Slash
Author: iam_spock aka sylar
Fandom: Star Trek 2009
Word count: 1600
Rating: PG 13
Prompt: Day 4: Write about a character that is having a complete meltdown at an inopportune time. (although we haven't gotten to that point yet in the story.)
Note: This is the follow up to Vulcan Has No Moon. While I was writing the story, I realized that there was a perfect creature encountered in TOS. I'm sure you'll recognize it.

Part One

To be continued…